Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter Buyers' Guide to 12V and 24V

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Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters (MSW) are the economic solution for DC to AC power conversion.
MSW power inverters are suited to mechanically controlled tools and devices. WallCann Live Support will happily provide more selection assistance.

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Modified Sine Wave Inverters


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Modified Sine Wave Inverters


Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters have many benefits, such as powering large products that do not require Pure Sine Wave Power. This saves you the extra cost of a more sophisticated inverter. 

Ideal for people on the move, such as tradespersons who require a mobile service vehicle or people who are involved in outdoor work.

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverters offer more efficient use of energy for resistive loads such as heating and lighting applications. MSW Power Inverters are a great way to provide mobile power from your car, boat, truck, 4WD, or caravan for a huge range of appliances. This includes tools, drills, saws, microwaves and small compressors. 

The quiet running, robust and reliable DC to AC conversion, 8ZED, and Projecta Power Inverter Ranges connect standard Australian 3 pin electrical devices providing 240V AC Power from a 12 or 24 Volt Power Source (depending upon model).

MSW Power Inverters can be used anywhere you can take your vehicle. These nicely compact Inverters are suitable for direct wiring to a DC battery and mounting or storing in your vehicle or around the house.   

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