2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V BPLUS

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2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave portable clean power Inverter (6000W Peak). Best of the Best High-Performance Export model provides power for cpap, palm-top, small tools and household appliances from your car, 4WD, truck, ute, caravan, tent and boat battery. Tough capable of handling severe conditions. 2 Year Factory Warranty, C-Tick Approved.

8ZED BPlus Inverter - A NEW PARADIGM for Power Inverters!

The Smart Generation power inverters have arrived!

8ZED BPlus series inverters offer a paradigm shift with up to 3x peak load, making them more robust and durable than other high-frequency pure sine power inverters. Other inverters can only sustain a 2x peak load for a few microseconds before they blow. The 8ZED BPlus can sustain a 200% load for up to an amazing 2 Minutes!!

The full range of BPlus series pure sine wave power inverters is equipped with the state of the art digital remote displays that work up to 30 meters from the inverter. The BPlus series remote is capable of simultaneously displaying DC and AC voltage readings, enabling you to easily monitor your energy readings at a glance. The display is in real-time showing your DC battery power, AC output power, operating frequency and even the inverter temperature. These features will assist enable rapid diagnosis of your entire power supply system. Couple your 8ZED BPlus inverter with a Lithium Battery with in-built battery management. Why spend on obsolete expensive complicated battery management systems?

The SMART inverter and remote control even recognise and adjust to your battery chemistry and electricity pool type (Lithium, SLA AGM or Gel batteries).
The BPlus series pure sine wave power inverter will thrive in very high ambient temperature operations, with its Smart control of variable speed fans to optimise cooling ventilation feeds. The smart fan cooling technology assists to lower operating temperature with resultant optimised energy efficiency, while also minimising energy draw from your battery bank. The automatic operation of the Smart fan will drive increased air-flow through your inverter to improve ventilation and assist keep it cool in the most trying of Australian conditions.
The BPlus series pure sine wave power inverter has an upgraded USB 5V 2.1A with bipolar output, for fast charging of digital devices. The quality of power to recharge cordless tools and devices is greatly improved and able to accommodate variable loads.
The normal 2 years factory warranty for all 8ZED Pure Sine Inverter ensure peace of mind. The 8ZED BPlus pure sine wave power inverters, is the inverter a cut above the rest. You deserve it, so please  contact WALLCANN now for more information.

Included in Box:

  • 1x 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 
  • Black and Red Cables
  • 50A Aviation Socket Adapter
  • Terminal Ends (Covers)
  • User Manual


The 8ZED 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter has an inbuilt safety system, designed to:

  • Disconnect the power if the inverter exceeds 65 degrees centigrade
  • Disconnect the power if the inverter is plugged into a supply exceeding 15.5V
  • Appliance output exceeds 2.17amps
  • Battery falls below 10.5~11V

These safety mechanisms protect your battery, and prevent damage to your inverter.


  • Work Lamp
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Digital Camera Charger
  • Laptop or Palm Top Computer
  • Shaver
  • Portable DVD / VCR Players
  • Game Console


  • Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Output Voltage: 220-240 VAC
  • Continuous Power Output: 2000W
  • Peak Output Power: 6000W
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Working Temperature Range: 25°C ~55°C
  • Input Voltage Range: 12V~15.5V
  • Input Over Voltage Shut Down: 15.5V
  • Input Under Voltage Shut Down: 10.5±0.5V
  • Overheat Protection: 65°C → 70°C
  • Continous Overload Protection: 300W
  • USB Output: 5V/2.1A
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Low/Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Net Weight: 5 kg
  • Remote Control With LED Display (Optional)
  • Dimensions 42cm*28cm*19cm
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